Sunday, October 21, 2012

Work induced Ramblings...


Have you ever considered how many times in a day you check the time.  Time is truly the master of all and yet there is never enough time.  This thought occurs to me as I sit here at work wasting time.  My co-workers are busy discussing scheduling and time off.  While they are doing this I find myself repeatedly checking the clock to see how much more time until I get to go home.  Sometimes I wish I could have a day without time, a day where being late was impossible and work ended whenever I decided to leave.  But a day like that wouldn’t really be a day, for what is a day anyway.  A day is just another unit of time that is measured in time itself.  24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds.  All of these make up a day.  Our lives are literally ruled by time.  However, we consider time so important not because of work schedules and doctor appointments, but because with every passing second, time is lost.  With this lost time though, memories are made.  Memories of your child’s birth, your graduations, maybe your first kiss.  Memories are just moments in time that have passed in the milliseconds it takes to blink the eye.  However, in old age we relive these memories of stolen time that we keep with us throughout our time on this Earth. We measure our lives by the time that passes.  We measure our lives in units of time because we as human beings know that our time in this life is limited, so it is precious. Time is truly the master of all and yet, there is never enough time.

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