Saturday, October 20, 2012

As I mentioned earlier, I also write.  So, on that note my current work in progress (WIP) is a story titled “Bibbly.”  The history of Bibbly: I originally wrote this as a short story for a creative writing class many years ago.  I have played with the idea of turning it into a novel but I had other projects going on at the time.  Bibbly is one of the many stories that have been collecting dust on the metaphoric shelf.  However, with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo) literally just days away I have decided to work on a rough outline and finish telling Bibbly’s story with more twist and turns along the way.

Brief Overview:

Bibbly lives in a network of tunnels deep beneath the surface of the Earth.  As a female member of her tribe she is not allowed to venture to the forest above. On the eve of an ancient ritual that will name the next leader of her tribe, Bibbly makes a grave mistake that results in the capture of her father and puts all of her kind in danger.  Now, the only way she can fix her mistake is to reveal to the world that the illusive Big Foot is real, but how will she survive the humans in a world she’s never known?  How will she survive the anger of the other big foot tribes if she reveals them? 

To be continued at a later date…

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