Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Havoc

Blood, guts, maggots, and brains are flashing before my eyes as I surf the web in search of ways to keep a group of preteens entertained at the Halloween party.  Today’s kids are so exposed to horror movies and scary music that the things that would have sent chills down my spine at their age are ‘simply child’s play.’  When I was a little girl “Night Mare on Elm Street” horrified me.  In our house at the time we had a long dark hall way.  My older brother, doing his duty as an older brother took it upon himself to hide in the rooms along the hall where I couldn’t see him; when I would pass he would jump out of the rooms behind me yelling “Freddy’s coming” which of course sent me screaming down the hall because I thought Freddy Kruger was after me.  In my defense I was only nine.  My children on the other hand watched that movie and laughed at the special effects.  They become more desensitized with every new horror movie produced now days.  I decided to take them to see paranormal activity 4 because they have already seen the other three.  The movie itself is not so much scary as it is creepy, but the ending (I’ll admit it) scared me.  I’m freaking out and trying to cover my son’s eyes and my daughters…laughing.  So, since I am classified as a nerd by my children I’m trying really hard to come up with ideas that will make the Halloween party fun and memorable.  Luckily, there are people out there far more demented then myself that have graciously posted recipes and game ideas for Halloween parties on the web.  Two of the most interesting ideas that I have found so far are: kitty litter cake and the eye ball hunt.  I’m going to today to get all the props.  I have already bought: Halloween lights, fog machine, and created a couple of feel boxes that will be filled with brains, guts, worms, spider webs, dead animal with maggots, and eye balls.  The recipes for the feel boxes are also provided on the web. The Halloween playlist is compliments of you tube and my excessively demented children who knew the actual names of the horror music.  Wish me luck in my quest to create a Halloween party that is fun and interesting for children of all ages.
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