Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am a jack of many trades, but a master of none.  At least that’s what my mother says. I am also just like every other person on this increasingly crowded planet.  I wake up in the morning, take the kids to school, and spend the rest of the day working and trying to decide which bills are getting paid and which are not.  In the mists of all the chaos I’m trying to practice two skills I find great joy in: painting and writing.  Both are just hobbies since I make no income from either of these great joys, at least not yet.  However, like many hobbies my works and works in progress are metaphorically sitting on a shelf collecting dust.  So, I am creating this blog as an outlet for “The Random Musings of My Sporadic Mind.”  You know the saying I’m sure; use it or lose it.  I hope you all find it entertaining at the least. 

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